S. SANTHI M. Com., M. Phil., & B. Ed.,

The Middle School Principal is witnessed in form of Mrs. S. SANTHI who is M. Com., M. Phil., & B. Ed., shares the thought as under: Education is the priority of every individual. It is not merely in the text books and note books and getting high rank in every subject studied but it should motivate the students to become distinguished individuals in the society.
The motive behind formation of this esteemed trust was to realize the potential within the poor students who could not make it to higher levels of study due to insufficient funds for education.

Principal’s Message
School and Schooling play a vital role to seed the good virtue in the soul of every human. As a social animal, human has to change according to their environment and situation via understanding them keenly. So we, in our school facilitate each and every child to understand the happenings around them and to react in harmony with it by providing our school’s atmosphere as a platform, which resembles with the society.